Rose Valley Regional Park is 250-hectares of land left in its natural state and for conservation of the unique Okanagan ecosystems within.


* Conservation Area encompassing a natural pond 
* Ponderosa pine/Douglas fir forest 
* Grasslands with rocky outcroppings 
* Rose Valley Reservoir 
* Beautiful views of Okanagan Lake 
* Natural hiking trails throughout this unique ecosystem 
* Washroom - at south Westlake Road parking area (near Starlight Crescent) open spring to fall

Things To Do:

Hiking the extensive trail system is the most popular activity within the park but the park also provides excellent locations for naturalist activities such as bird watching (especially around Goldie's Pond) or on the grassland plateau. Ensure you have appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment for hiking the trails.

Regional Parks Interpretive Programs are available by donation for school and community groups who'd like to learn about our local environment and cultural history.



Rose Valley is a human made reservoir. During de-glaciation, large amounts of water flowed down the valley around a stagnant piece of ice occupying Okanagan Lake. Rose Valley is a melt water channel formed during this time. Gravel pits located on the Westside are said to be evidence of this flow of melt water.

The cliffs of Rose Valley are volcanic and the caves on the west side of the lake are thought to be large air bubbles in the lava.

General Information:

Dogs must be kept on a leash on trails and pathways within park boundaries unless otherwise designated and owners must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of waste.

Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails.

Overnight camping, open fires and smoking are not permitted.

The park is open during daylight hours year round.

Help protect park vegetation and wildlife by using only designated trails. 'Leave only footprints and take only pictures'.

Bears may be active in this park. Please be bear aware when in this park.

For interactive trail & park maps etc please visit the RDCO’s website at